Cloud Platform

A cloud-based entertainment and connected home service platform designed from the ground up for Service Providers

The TV capability is designed and delivered as a cloud software platform, offering the numerous well-known benefits of zero Capex, low support and fast innovation cycle.

It is a flexible cloud-based product which targets Service Providers looking to offer their customers a "shopping mall" of entertainment and connected home services. The primary goal is to better monetize users through multi-service offerings, to leverage the growing offerings from OTT vendors.

Assets and Metadata management

  • Ingest metadata from multiple sources of content
  • Meta categories management in order to provide consistent data sources for search, recommendation and client applications
  • Multi-timezone metadata support
  • Automated image optimization

nPVR and Replay

  • Automated Smart Replay feature based on configurable recording rules
  • Network PVR with quota management
  • Interface with external recorders (Anevia, Broadpeak, …) with multi-recorder management
  • Support personal bookmarks

Content Packaging

  • Content packaging
  • Lineup management, with seamless integration of Broadcast, Broadband and OTT channels
  • Support business rules in channel lineup management (content rights, operator packages…)

Client application API

  • Fully documented REST API for client applications

Subscriber management

  • Ingest subscriber information from BSS interface
  • Client application grouping by subscription to provide multi-device management
  • Service activation (nPVR, VOD, Replay, ...) by Client application and/or subscription


  • Gather an extensive set of data from client usage, quality of experience, video playback, ...
  • Flexible reporting for marketing analysis and technical quality of experience management

Device management

  • Multi-device per subscription
  • Multi-OS support
  • Strong authentication
  • Applications upgrade management

BSS interface

  • Documented BSS API for easy integration
  • Subscriber data ingest
  • Multi-device applications management
  • Usage reporting for rating and billing

Efficiency, Speed and Scalability

  • Proven scalability on large customer bases, with full support of Cloud flexibility
  • CDN usage optimization to provide best in class response time

Software Clients

The Software Clients are a set of native multiscreen applications for content discovery and playback, available on HTML based Android and IoS devices. These can be easily customised to service providers requirements for turnkey solutions or can be totally rewritten using the Netgem Middleware and Platform APIs

  • Multi-year experience of seamless integration between traditional Live TV and latest OTT services
  • Latest design offers most innovative “genre” based content navigation
  • Supports higher resolution devices


The Netgem middleware is extremely stable, compact and proven embedded software stack for Linux set-top-boxes, natively built on open HTML standards. The Middleware supports, at the browser level, hybrid DVB multi-tuners, multicast, unicast, VOD with studio grade security, and offers access to a very efficient, hardware optimised, graphics library for advanced on-screen display

User and system applications can be developed using the very compact embedded JavaScript or using the Youtube certified Chromium browser (with HbbTV 2.01 extensions) for more powerful environments.

    Middleware features including
  • Compact, single branch, stable embedded software stack for Linux STBs on Broadcom and Sigma Designs SoCs Full 4 DVB tuners simultaneous handling, including full transport recording.
  • Native HTML secure browser architecture with full JavaScript API (SDK) access to DVB, IP, OTT, Hard disk for efficient core applications in very limited footprint.
  • Youtube certified integrated Chromium browser for any 3rd Party App Store (BBC iPlayer…). Netflix and Amazon certified
  • Support for Verimatrix, Playready and Widevine, including 4K
  • Access Point Software, including live streaming
  • HbbTV 2.01
  • Ruby is currently actively developed on devices using Broadcom SoC (72xx family). Several devices IP, hybrid and with built-in hard drives are available
  • Maintenance is still effective on Sigma Designs earlier generations, but no recent device is available. Graphics library
  • Full remote management support, including secure upgrade


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