A short history of time

Netgem's early vision for a Connected Lifestyle has blossomed with Connected Television, by developing software to transform the first generation set-top box of traditional Pay TV into the sophisticated entertainment center it has become. Advanced services such as video-on-demand, catch-up TV, mobile to TV, Internet access and innovative user experience are now part of the daily experience of TV consumers.

Netgem roadmap is built on the vision that the next few years will see the progressive disappearance of the set-top box, with more advanced cloud-based software taking control of a new generation of connected devices, to offer an ever growing range of connected lifestyle services - well beyond video - controlled via mobile and voice.

Netgem has developed this new generation of software and is now presenting the first leg of this new journey, with its SoundBox concept. With SoundBox, the set-top box disappears into a smart soundbar, providing a more advanced range of services, such as multi-room music and voice assistant, reducing device clutter, thus offering a more favourable overall value for consumers and differentiation for service providers than existing IPTV and OTT offerings.

Just a step. Stay tuned...


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